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Two Amazing Miracles

Just this week I was blessed to see 2 amazing miracles come into reality. Prophecy realized. In a previous dream I saw an asteroid, and got the message was that there was going to be a fly by that was going to come close, but not land. In the dream I saw it tumbling end over end, it looked like a bowling pin and I got the word "January" I posted this on my Facebook page November 26, 2013. "There will be another significant comet or asteroid pass us by in January, 2014 according to a dream I had. I got what it looked like (very oblong almost like a bowling pin) and the month."


This one dream yielded two validations. One asteroid the came close in January here is the link to the story about the one in January. And below is the image of the one that just was validated by NASA Radio telescope images the link to that article. I would say it looks a lot like a bowling pin.

My Friend Helene with Trent Ford

On the very same say as hearing about the above asteroid. I was a witness to my dear friend receiving a healing miracle. I, as well as friends and family had been sending my friend Reiki healing energy. There was a artery with a 90% blockage. There was to be a procedure of a balloon or stint however, upon analysis the blockage was so much less, no further action was necessary. The doctor was quite pleased at the improvement. I am so very happy that my friend is so much better. Here is Helene with Trent Ford.

Sketch of tiny Love particles

NDE researcher and Author PMH Atwater accepted my sketch of the tiny Love particles to be included in the slides playing in the background during her presentation at the IANDS conference in August, 2014

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