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Mary Deioma had a transcendent and several out of body experiences during which she journeyed through the numerous significant levels of heaven and what is called "hell." As a result, she returned with a deeper understanding of the conscious universe and went on to write a critically-acclaimed memoir about her experience, titled, Loved: A Transcendent Journey.  She is also an inspirational speaker with a personal mission to "share the love and to get the word out that we are divinely loved."  Mary is a member of and contributor to the International Association for Near Death Studies (, and makes frequent appearances at her local IANDS in Orange County and Los Angeles; San Bernadino, San Diego; Tucson and Mesa, Arizona; as well as at The Life after Life Group in Laguna Woods, California.  Also a Reiki Master and Reader of playing cards (cartomancy), Mary is a former volunteer on the Board of Directors for The Learning Light Foundation, a metaphysical center in Anaheim, CA.  She is also the Founder of the popular Facebook page, Sun Whisperers, which chronicles space weather and solar activity.  The fifth of eight children, Mary was born and raised in the small town of Alliance, Ohio, and after 30 years in Orange County, California now resides in Louisville Ohio.  

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