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Loved: A Transcendent Journey

Loved: A Transcendent Journey moves you through the multidimensional landscape of the cosmos and beyond.


If you loved Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander you may be captivated by Loved: A Transcendent Journey. A personal memoir from heartbreak to healed and from doubt to discovery.  

Reviews quoted directly from Amazon.

Mary shares her phenomenal story with incredible revelations that encourage, enlighten, intrigue, and educate us about why we are here, how to navigate this life without fear and how to consciously create our experiences!!


Beck Hawkins Author of  Transitions: A Nurse's Education about Life and Death


This book has a very high vibrational level. It brings many of the ineffable, infinite qualities of the higher worlds down to the level of those of us on earth. Mary shares her experiences, which makes it interesting reading, and we learn much about the nature of reality. Such as "everything is made of LOVE." And, other higher truths that we are just beginning to be able to grasp.


Ann Frances Ellis Ph.D. Author of "Profound Love"


This book is mostly about the author's rather extensive transcendent out-of-body experience, what led up to it, and what she experienced. In that respect, it's similar to Gary Wimmer's A Second In Eternity and reminds me of some of author Jurgen Ziewe's more mind-blowing experiences. It also has some similarities to Eben Alexander's book Proof of Heaven, although Deioma was not near death. Which brings up a good point: This book is another shining example of how an OBE can be as mind-blowing as a near-death experience.

The subtitle is "A Transcendent Journey" and that's very fitting. Unlike more typical OBEs, Deioma's experience was really "transcendent". It was one of those "God Experiences," an experience in which the person has a direct experience of what we might call "God." 


Bob Peterson Author of  Lessons Out of the Body and Out-of-Body Experiences: How to Have them and What to Expect


"Loved: A Transcendent Journey" is something special. Based on direct, personal experiences, Mary tackles life's big questions with authority, clarity, humility, honesty, and a refreshing sense of humor. In a mere 148 pages, she offers a sophisticated understanding of the nature and purpose of heaven and hell, clears up confusion about The Void that so many near-death experiencers have experienced, provides a helpful seven-level framework to conceptualize the nature of reality, explores the malleable nature of time and how healing can be initiated by revisiting old wounds in the present, discusses why some experiential states of consciousness are more accurate -- and trustable -- than others, discusses the complicated nature of premonitions and future events, and offers practical insights as to how to use all this information in our day-to-day lives. The first bit of magic is acquiring this information. The second bit of magic is explaining it simply and clearly. And the third bit of magic is compressing it all into a small book that is personable, engaging, and easy to understand. Everyone who seeks to answer life's big questions should own, read, and ponder this jewel of a book.


David Sunfellow IANDS Leader Sedona, AZ



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